How to choose healthy drinks for your kids?

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How to choose healthy drinks for your kids?

1, thirst, replenish lost moisture;

2, supplement vitamins and minerals;

3, sugar in drinks can add to some of the energy;

4, the nutritional drinks ,replenish such as protein and vitamins.

Not all drinks are suitable for children to drink, parents should choose carefully. Carbon dioxide filled carbonated beverages, said drinks. Mostly sugar, essence, pigment and water are made. Taste the sweet and refreshing drink, it is suitable for the child's tastes. Drink too much sugar intake, but not too much, and there are reports that more than cola drinks (and other caffeinated beverages) may affect the length of a child. So usually drink these drinks are not suitable for children.

The nutritional drinks add fruit juice, milk are more popular for many parents. However, nutrient content in these drinks is much lower than natural foods, nutritional value is not high, and most of the added preservatives, stabilizers and flavors, sweeteners and other substances on the child no good, and should not drink.

In fact, children in the most economical and practical than the boiled water the drinks. Scientific experiments have confirmed that fresh drinking water on the human body's metabolism has a very good physical activity, can promptly remove metabolic waste generated in the process, improve the body's tolerance and disease resistance, so that the body does not get as tired.

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