Wedding Flowers Cost Reduction Is Often A Concern For Brides

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Wedding flowers cost reduction is often a concern for brides to be what you want floral elegance on your wedding, but do not know how to save without cutting flowers from your special day. As a retired florist, I can suggest that the first rule of cost reduction in wedding flowers is to select your main flowers carefully. For this, I have compiled a list of the top 5 perfect flowers for your wedding, while aware of the costs to save money on your wedding flowers.

1. Daisy
A wedding is often forgotten, I can not imagine why. Daisies are beautiful, durable and come in many types and shapes. Margaritas and pom-poms are available in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, purple, lavender, and orange and rust. They come in three varieties suitable for weddings: Button daisies are like beads on a mother plane, daisies look flat as its name suggests and daisies that need no introduction. If you like the look of wildflowers, daisies combined with other types of forms in the field of holders with green foliage. If you prefer a more class, focus on mothers and the button flat. The bridesmaids can carry a bouquet of flowers throughout the year in a bouquet holder tassel, leaves and loads, while the bride can take a round or cascading bouquet with pompons, roses, greenery and fillers. The groom, sponsors and parents can bring flowers body with similar types of chrysanthemums, daisies, greenery and fillers. Both warned though that if some petals are removed from the main head of the flower, which will fall apart. Ultimately, daisy pompons and offer the best quality and elegance at the lowest cost.

2. Carnations
Although carnations sometimes have a bad reputation as the most undesirable of flowers, the truth is that carnations are long lasting, smell sweet without being overwhelming and are easy to work. For elegance of the wedding, I suggest going with white carnations or cream if you want to use only carnations. If you prefer a blend of flowers, I would recommend a combination of daisies and carnations with lovely pompoms for mixed bouquets that will not cost much and will need to find wildflowers, but it will last much longer and will not wilt in the heat of summer (as provided they have a water source) mini carnations are the perfect size for bouquets and boutonnieres. A flower with a flower bud is the ideal body when combined with a touch of foliage and perhaps a flower filled as baby's breath.

3. Sunflower
Sunflowers are perfect for fall events and look beautiful with Hypercom berries and fruits of another fall and foliage, sunflowers although they come in different colors yellow, plus some now, like orange, brown and rust, go with yellow sunflowers says get healthier and longer lasting shine budget flowers at your wedding. Sunflowers are perfectly suited for hand bouquets. The bridesmaids can carry 05. 03 sunflowers with fall foliage, berries and tied with a bow accents a lot, while the bride may carry a bouquet made with 7.5 sunflowers (nor too large) with 3-6 roses fall, berries and foliage fall, tied with a pretty bow. As for corsages and boutonnieres to be coordinated with a sunflower wedding ... including mini sunflowers are too large for the body flowers. Instead, I would suggest or yellow mini gerberas with black centers or new mums, preferably with black centers as well.

4. Gerbera
If gerberas are her favorite flowers, you may want to choose this look for your wedding or special event. Cheap, nice, modern, easy and quick to work, you will not have to worry about being able to reach these simple classes in time if you decide to do it himself. Gerberas come in a wide variety of colors and therefore can blend well with any color theme. Although you can choose the hand-tied bouquets for the bride and entire wedding party can also decide that a more elaborate bouquet for the bride as a few gerberas or between other flowers, while her bridesmaids can carry gerberas exclusively. You need to provide a constant source of water between the times you or your girls held bouquets of gerbera. This can be an advantage in its reception in the sense that if you provide elegant vases in the room so they can place their bouquets in when they get there, they can also decorate and add style to your reception. For the boutonnieres and corsages, gerberas also come in miniature versions, although still about 4 inches in diameter, making it the ideal size for flowers body. Only one flap or wrist is enough.

5. Rose
It is the cheapest of flowers, but definitely on the list last function of the rose as the quintessential flower of romanticism. All these stars in the world of weddings comes in most colors and even in two colors, tipped naked and pink as well. Although roses are commonly associated with strong fragrance, not all scented rose and even those that are scented are not dominant. All these reasons make the roses in the ideal choice as a wedding flower feature. Of course, that your roses to be as cost conscious as possible, choose long-stemmed pink popular colors like red, pink, white, yellow or orange (in that order) also choose simple hand tied bouquets roses for minimal work and a modern look. If you want to save even more money, make your own wedding bouquets. It is not so complicated, especially if you are following good step by step instructions written by a florist and if you are doing lines of hand. If you decide to make your own boutonnieres and bouquets of flowers, be sure to use pink bride for a hard look more elegant and long term.

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