Pearl powder-How to Remove Acne

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Pearl powder can detoxify, clean the skin, control oil, but also promote the regeneration of damaged tissue recovery. Oral plus topical use of the method is very effective against acne. Specific method is : Oral Oral pearl powder capsules, 1-2 capsules each time, three times a day, you can clear heat, the toxic discharge, relieve acne-generated internal factors. External use Excessive secretion of surface oil is related with the occurrence of acne, so the first oil control: Apply pearl powder, add a little water, surface covered gently massage, then rinse, which can effectively remove deep dirt and smoke to exclude poor in oil, so that the skin clean and fresh. And then choose from the following follow-up care according to sleep: If the skin feel oily at night before going to bed, take about 0.15g pearl powder evenly deposited on the face gently with your finger dipped in water Massage until the disappearance of pearl powder can be effectively static anti-inflammatory, so acne subsided. Oily skin, nano pearl powder oil control technique can be done once every morning and evening. If the skin feels dry, can be blending into the moisturizing pearl powder milk, apply to the face, nourishing the skin. Against bacterial infection, recalcitrant acne, a small amount of pearl powder can be applied to the above, targeted killings.

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