Anti-aging,green tea with sour apple

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Last week,my boyfriend bought some apple,but not sweet.A few days ago,we forget them.

I read a book about health,it said:green tea with sour apple can anti-aging.

Why do they have so effect?

First, from the perspective of providing energy, Apple itself is a low-energy food, energy and lower V Apple, Apple typically accounts for 90% of autumn; and V Apple calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace nutrients, also higher than in autumn apples. Recent studies have found that apple pectin, organic acids, phenols and other chemicals on the health of modern people has obvious advantages, but they are nothing but these elements are not the source of the sweet apple.

Apples and green tea is not a simple 1 +1, the Nagasaki University study confirmed that green tea with sour apples, can improve the overall level of the antioxidant beverage, in the prevention of cancer, anti-aging and immune conditioning better.

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