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10 posts with life

Dorayaki and Doraemon

Dorayaki is the Doraemon’s favorites, ド ラ is the Japanese "gong" sound, ド ラ え ん も translation of the words written in Chinese characters is "gong wei door." Many people know Dorayaki through watching cartoons, watching Doraemon loves to eat, it is coveted...

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Happiness is simple

Happiness is a day is a day not happy, why not a happy day. To see many people, some people laugh every day, always smiling. Some people face the same color green, to make her laugh nor smile. I wonder why every day people who laugh and laugh, laugh tire....

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History of Onigiri

Onigiri ,also named Rice ball , from the Japanese long ago have been a picnic lunch of choice and lunch food. Triangular shape of the outer layer of the seaweed wrapped rice group, which the filling is usually a piece of grilled fish, pickled plum, and...

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Go your own way, whatever others may say!

"Go its own way so that, whatever others may say !" This is Dante's famous words.We often hear, so do not feel strange, whether in life we also should practice it? The answer is "yes". I think we all know that Beethoven, Socrates, Newton, Einstein. If...

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what is the beauty?

Perhaps in the eyes of each other ,the lover is the best beautiful. But how long can it maintain? One hour, day, year, or a lifetime! In my ideal woman is the most beautiful simplicity and kindness, beauty is not necessarily the looks, think about how...

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We can't wait for three Things about life

There are three things for life ,We can not wait for : The first is the "poor" Poor can not wait, because a long time but you will used to poverty, when not only can not break through the self, or even deny their own dreams, and Yong Yong mediocre over...

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