Ziyi Zhang wiped tears for AIDS patients and said her wouldn’t have concerns

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December 1, the premiere event of Documentary "Together" was hold at the Beijing Foreign Studies University , and in the evening launch 17 cities in the special screenings,the  main actor of "Magic Rumor" is:  Ziyi Zhang , Aaron Kwok, Wenli Jiang , Pu Cunxin .They take practical action to call upon AIDS against discrimination.
Documentary "Together" mainly shot AIDS patients experience . Director Zhao Liang described his experience of looking for actors: "Because of fear of discrimination, most infected people are reluctant to disclose their identity to the camera. I first met them through the network, but back in real life, when I mentioned that acting, they declined. I used to feel this film can not shoot, but through this process, I further strengthened the determination to shoot this documentary. "
After screening the film ,several AIDS has already cried into tears when they walked on the stage. They said :" Thank you for not discriminating against us, "so that the entire audience stood up spontaneously applause. Scene stars are also moved to tears, one by one to several patients presented a warm embrace. Zhang, Aaron Kwok also regardless of their own eyes the tears, to wipe the tears of AIDS patients.

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