Wedding Whimsy

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Winter snow and pine nuts are the most common theme of the wedding, but you can not subject to seasonal constraints, to create a stunning wedding. Give you some whimsy, winter wedding for you to bring extraordinary creativity.

Wedding colors


Although the red and green are the color of winter, but the color combination of the collision seem to have more means Christmas Day.
Popular hot spots: the silver crystal wedding winter you can add some psychedelic colors; you can try a white velvet carpet to decorate your ceremony aisle; to do with crystal curtain backdrop, an elegant white orchids hanging. If your oath is carried out in the outdoors, friends and family will come very harmonious atmosphere.


Since winter weddings are usually held indoors (which is ideal for banquets and receptions of the season), so often need to have a more formal invitation.
Popular hot spots: semi-formal wedding is best to use dark blue, chocolate or purple card to express respect for the guests, while personally handwritten invitation cards will be more show the sincerity of the owner. Want to make your winter wedding a good way to become more formal, you can cover the translucent frosted glass paper invitation card, and then into silver envelope to be sent out.

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