We can't wait for three Things about life

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There are three things for life ,We can not wait for :

The first is the "poor" 
Poor can not wait, because a long time but you will used to poverty, when not only can not break through the self, or even deny their own dreams, and Yong Yong mediocre over a lifetime ... ...

 The second is the "dream"
Dreams can not wait, because the different stages of life, have different life experiences and ideas, imagine a question: If you dream of 20 years of age, 60 years old was able to achieve That would be like a situation? For example, say you dream is to be the age of 20 can buy a Ferrari sports car, and then to Germany's unlimited speed highways Hurricane. You have been working hard, and finally to 60 years old, and finally affordable sports car, but to achieve the dream of a young man, I am afraid it is beyond their grasp ... ...

The third is the "family"
Family can not wait, maybe we young, the future has a lot of time to allow us to explore, work hard, but the family? They still have time to wait for us succeed? So we still have time to make money, let them live a good life, let them be proud of our? Still while the wind blows the tree, the child wants his parents not wait ... ... This is a lot of people, is where a lot of people a lifetime of regret. The upper half of people: Any hesitation; the rest of his life were: either repent; live in the moment, seize every opportunity because the opportunity fleeting, find a way out for their lives!

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