Those food can improve your husband’s libido

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1, eggs: eggs are rich in vitamin B6, B5, which helps balance the hormone levels of human, reducing the pressure. Some people said that eating eggs can also increase libido.
The best method of eating: caviar, fragrant bread with boiled eggs.
2 celery: celery is an amazing vegetables (in this respect), because it contains androsterone (a male hormone), which exclude androsterone through perspiration, while MM will feel even more excited.
The best method of eating: raw
3, the oysters: This is the classic natural aphrodisiac. Oysters with high levels of zinc (Zn), something that can improve sperm production and testosterone production. It also contains dopamine (DA), which is a hormone that can increase sexual desire.
The best eating method: clean, and ice lemon mixed with food.
4, mango, peach, strawberry: for nutrition, they have no special contribution. Comparison of their erotic modeling only for the time flirting food Bale.
The best way to eat: flirting use.
5, bananas: Bananas contain bromelain enzyme (pineapple enzyme), something that can increase libido, impotence.
The best eating method: This way you eat.
6, Avocado: Avocado is rich in folic acid, helps Metro metabolism, so that you get more energy. One of vitamin B6 and potassium, respectively, men and women to increase libido.
The best eating method: dig out the meat with your fingers and let MM licking it.
7, figs: Figs are rich in amino acids, can increase libido, but they also can increase endurance.
The best way to eat: fresh.
8, Garlic: Garlic contains allicin, which can enhance organ blood flow. But this thing is taste, so eat it, have with chewing gum.
The best way to eat: too much garlic flavor, not before the ooxx food, the best bar food in the form of capsules.
9, almonds: almonds may be able to stimulate the enthusiasm of women, and also to bring the male hormone health guarantee.
The best eating method: So you eat.
10. Liver: The liver can make more slowly decreased sexual desire.
The best method of eating: fried it, together with onions, spices, olive oil.
11, Chocolate: Chocolate contains theobromine (theobromine) and phenylethylamine, to make people 'in love' feeling, of course, it was selected MM favorite chocolate is also one of the reasons.

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