The sooner your baby smile ,the smarter you baby!

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At birth, the wise child may be more wary than other children. Some children alone from the start to raise his head a moment, as if to look around, have a strong curiosity for life.
A keen sense of rapid response is often very clever baby. When you hold him, you will feel it. If he seems to avoid something, it shows that he can distinguish between what is make him feel happy, what is not, which is the beginning of mental activity. The more sensitive the baby, the more likely to be met.
The sooner a child smile, the wise more likely. Although this is not entirely credible evidence, but it is a symbol. Laughing baby very early often become smart and lively children.
Very clever child at birth is often larger, heavier, but not all. The reasons are: a large number of healthy infants are more likely to be by those who get good nutrition during pregnancy and care of mothers born. These mothers are also more likely to give their babies at home, the best education and assistance, which will be later shown in intelligence tests. Heavier babies may also have psychological advantages in life, a better physical quality, and thus have reason to be more happy than other children.
For example, they can eat more food every time, so do not need frequent feeding, can focus turned to more intellectual activities. In addition, because the parents do not have to busy feeding and cleaning the child will believe that a child may be the social type of person, so he can he take a different approach. Therefore, from birth, children with less than heavier, more attractive children may find themselves in a pleasant, emotionally supported in the world, will be used in many ways, this initial good luck.
Neonatal rate of development of different abilities who are different. Although some correlation between these abilities, but according to one or two have been measured to determine the development of the capacity development of other capabilities is difficult to do. Infant physical development of certain skills related to the situation with some and experience related, and some are associated with both. Smart in trying to determine whether or not the early signs of a child when he should look at as a whole person. In short, smart children in all aspects of the development of advanced, with the help of their parents, they may hold the advantage.

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