The history of Lip Gloss

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Lip Gloss history of the first phase, launched in 1932 around the world this is as' the biggest factor deep. Lip gloss is usually a provision in the domestic market size and structure of a tube form an understanding, in the first instance, apply thoroughly stick format. A round or bevel the application of lip gloss applied to women in the society, known as the 'Deerfoot Sticking' appearance and a built-in tilt lipbrush or fingers smear the latest trends in the process. Solid lip to cover up in the box and the pipe they sometimes blurr the difference between lip gloss and lip balm.
Lip gloss is unique in that cover some of the natural moisture of the lips the ultimate well-being and protection of human interests of the lip gloss is not only women, but men are also easy to apply moisturizer after using lip gloss as well as trends and attract the opposite sex. Early in the era of actresses introduced sunscreen lip gloss for the community to accept its use, look more attractive. It became very famous overtime.
Now, all kinds of lip gloss comes in a variety of ways before the taste: strawberry gloss; pink lemonade, watermelon shade and flavor, cotton candy; Dr.Pepper lip gloss, red raspberry, strawberry kiwi, vanilla, marshmellow; bubble gum flavor; Coca-Cola flavored gloss, sugar crystals; pickup Colada, so to speak about the latest trend in lip gloss does not just mean the same old lady said any cosmetics products, today required for 'skittles liquid lip gloss Smacker 'lip cover. Different packaging is designed to cater for different age groups of women in society groups.

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