The feeling after reading "Wuthering Heights"

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"Wuthering Heights" is a completely different works were popular, he did not nurtured and disseminated through the city, is completely coordinated with the Township, plotted in the natural wilderness. The background story is in a wind blowing mountains, the story of the characters retain the natural character and nature of the original: simple, coarse fine cotton, strong, feeling bold and uninhibited, unrestrained crazy behavior, but all the love, but also reckless hate, This gentle contented gentleman, nature seems barbaric and bizarre.
In the Victorian era, wealthy elite complacent, as the first, money comes first, the suppression of the spirit of the people, human nature being cruel twist, so the villain with a strong sense, and freedom of thought Emily, then through the works of evil to give revealed his own justice, passion, anger dissolved into work. Eventually, the love of Heathcliff, after all, beat his own hate, revenge one by one when he realized he was not the joy of victory, or roam the vast grasslands, Enron ultimately died, and the suffering of such a humiliation of the people, the desire for love till the end and the fate of the indomitable struggle, people to read while bleak and tragic.

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