Skipping breakfast will make your kids stupid

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Singapore's Alexandra Hospital Department of Food and Nutrition researchers surveyed countries and regions in Asia 6 families, including whether the child eats breakfast, their brain development status and academic achievement found that students who do not eat breakfast, in addition to relatively poor attention , the response was slow.
The researchers said: "if long-term neglect breakfast, the child's head will be reduced, even though the restoration of healthy eating, nutrition, brain atrophy, but has been unable to restore growth, so they will make you stupid."
The U.S. experts also conducted a study of students and students to school, some people eat breakfast, while others do not eat and found that the students did not have breakfast, poor ability to respond to the figures, the children eat breakfast on the number of higher sensitivity.
Especially in the first lesson in math class, when children eat breakfast the performance is much better than the children did not have breakfast. The researchers pointed out by the teacher to convey to the child need to eat breakfast, the most direct and effective.
Alexandra Hospital and Singapore Health Promotion Board to the teachers by instilling this knowledge, played a multiplier effect. In addition, the study also pointed out that the person in charge of eating habits of parents influence their children: "Parents should cultivate the habit of eating with the kids, eat at least breakfast or dinner, both children form good habits and also promote the relationship between parent and child. "

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