Self-made Pearl Powder Mask

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The effect of Pearl powder is very widespread.Do you know how to do pearl powder mask?let me teach you to do Self-made Pearl Powder Mask !

Pearl powder egg white mask:
Pearl powder egg white mask is a calm, convergence-type mask. Suitable for oily skin and large pores. The pearl powder with good oil control effect, egg white have good convergence effect, so a combination of both, to deal with big oil, big pores, is the most effective.

Honey and pearl powder mask:
This is a mask for normal skin maintenance. The so-called maintenance of normal skin is the skin and no particular problems (such as smallpox and the like). Honey, we all know, is rich in nutrition, including fructose, various trace elements, vitamins and so on, have a good anti-aging skin effect. Add honey and pearl powder, can be described as another sword combination, complement each other, especially for mature skin.

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