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Recently, Influenza is very spread, the number of infections on the rise. And, as New Year's Day and Spring Festival approaching, and the arrival of the peak of the movement, H1N1 influenza virus may stage a comeback, recently said Academician Zhong Nanshan, China may have 100 million people will be infected with a stream, a stream after the Spring Festival will be a wide range of outbreaks. In fact, as long as the preventive work, and to develop good health habits, diligent in ensuring adequate sleep and exercise, in the "eating" pay more attention to prevent a flow is not difficult.
Health Needless to say, in terms of eating the attention to?
Is to eat some foods can improve immunity, especially food rich in electrolytes. The so-called electrolyte, is the most important part of the body fluids, to maintain osmotic balance in the body so that the normal internal environment to maintain a balance, sodium, potassium, calcium, essential electrolytes belong to one of the elements, the stability of the immune system is big help. So what foods contain electrolytes it? Such as milk and soy milk (calcium rich), rice soup, or pasta (more magnesium), and citrus, bananas and other fruit (potassium, sodium and more).
Nutrition experts said that with the sour fruit, such as oranges, oranges and other citrus fruits in general have a role in detoxification, can enhance immune system function. If you feel suited to acid, you can also add honey, orange juice and then boiling water, brewed into tea, is very effective in treating sore throat.
However, experts also remind you that not all cold fruit can be eaten, like this relatively cold watermelon fruit, some frozen fruit juice, can cause constriction of bronchial tubes, easy to make the disease worse, so be careful to eat . In fact, there is an easier way, direct buy bottles of soft drinks have electrolytes it wants.

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