Love of waiting

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I always don’t know what is the love ?

What is the most beautiful love until we die?

Walk the way of life, seen so many people experience love, past love and enjoy love, avoid love. Only to find, there is a love can not afford to wait, there is a love can not withstand the damage. Once, those memories, keep in mind memories, youth left hand how many have used the comb shed a time line, time has passed, once, walked the streets with only vague traces of those who left. For a long time no contact, but also not used to the cries of greeting each other. once vowed today that has become a lie, but left the love the pain. Later, came to realize that no one who's who, whom no one sad, love, can not afford to wait, can not withstand injury, knowing that would hurt, but still choose to love, and now.

The so-called love is no longer exists, it is time to dilute everything, those memories have diluted .

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