How to clean the Pesticides on the fruits and vegetables?

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Chinese Agricultural University, Food Science Professor He Jiguo that fruits and vegetables of different cleaning methods, strictly speaking it is not the same. Such as cleaning eggplant, green pepper and fruit, people used to wash their hands gently on its surface, although this can remove some pesticides, but also to the surface of the natural wax removed, if the next time you water for a long time immersion, it is easy to pesticide residues in vegetables or fruit pulp infiltrated inside, so, like eggplant, apples, grapes, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables is best to use running water, which together with specialized cleaning pesticide cleaners. And leafy vegetables, hand washing is not convenient because thin leaves, wax on the surface is not removed, it played a role in isolation, is not easy infiltrated the pesticide, so leafy vegetables, soak, you can play reduce the role of pesticide residues.

Tomatoes and big tomatoes in small terms, Professor Lee said humorously, cherry tomatoes are foreigners to pay attention to eat with and production, and if we do not pay attention to eat with at home, the best choice for big tomatoes. Because the same weight than large tomatoes, small tomatoes much larger surface area, so have to accept a large area of pesticide spraying, and the same weight of a small tomato pulp, as part of their share of fruit, much more than large tomatoes, nutrition not and big tomatoes.

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