How to adjust Insomnia ?

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The main symptoms of Insomnia are: easy to wake up at night, or listlessness, lack of concentration, etc..

How to adjust  Insomnia ?

Remain optimistic 

For social competition, such as personal gain or loss have a full understanding, to avoid frustration caused by psychological imbalance, and the establishment of the daily life of a regular system, with people's normal sleep patterns.

Create conditions conducive to sleep reflection

If a hot shower before going to bed half an hour, feet, a cup of milk, as long as long-term adherence, would establish a "conditioned reflex sleep", I suggest that you can do during the day moderate physical exercise, so go to sleep for the night and quality of sleep has some help.

Develop good sleep hygiene habits

Such as keeping the bedroom clean, quiet, away from noise, to avoid light stimulation, avoid drinking tea before going to sleep, coffee, cola and so on. Daytime sleep restriction, in addition to the elderly may be appropriate to take a nap during the day or a short nap, the nap or a nap should be avoided, otherwise it will reduce sleepiness and sleep at night cause early awakening.

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