How adjust mental sub-health in winter?

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How adjust mental sub-health in winter?

It is the  high incidence season of mental sub-health in winter  ,so that affected people's normal life and study. Regulatory subunit for the prevention and mental sub-health, is available from the following aspects of positive self try:

Positive self-understanding

Self-understanding  is to have a clear self-awareness, self-evaluation can be properly dialectical view of their advantages and disadvantages. In the evaluation of themselves, not to exaggerate their advantages and disadvantages of their own point of view without magnification .

learn to regulate emotions, the mental balance of catharsis

About to release negative emotions. Empathy. Through the development of a variety of interests and hobbies, the feelings of the transfer, so happy and lotus. Alerts. Through various forms of reminder and warning of impending emotional impulse control, to maintain the stability of mind.

Enhance the physical health

Physiological health is the material guarantee of mental health . Hard to imagine a frail, sick people will have a positive mental health. Thus, in order to have a healthy mental, first of all to have a healthy body.

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