Happiness is simple

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Happiness is a day is a day not happy, why not a happy day. To see many people, some people laugh every day, always smiling. Some people face the same color green, to make her laugh nor smile. I wonder why every day people who laugh and laugh, laugh tire. Why people worry and worry, worry not finish.
I have often troubled past, though unhappy, but I do not know why the worry, no reason, can not say why. Is a worry. Worry about the cruel reality, a long unhappy life, melancholy is not the grand dream of wings, and worrisome aspirations Lingyun Bo ha. See other people always joy and gladness, but can not find the seed of pleasure. Why do people laugh why I asked. The reason is that it does not want to laugh like happy, so happy to laugh. I do not know why. But his joy was not my hesitation Guawei rendering. That time, I am far from happy, feel happy and tasteless. Inherent always thought that human nature is all kinds of tastes, from time to time be fixed smile as sick. So I show the grave.
Equivalent to several times gone through and experienced a lot of smoke. Do not want polished chestnut, experience the spirit, to learn laughter. That his temper was gone it anyway born, leaving only the properties that mark, with the aura of happiness. I find life everywhere around the original genes and seeds of happiness, happiness is willing to laugh if you want it at any time, no contract, no waiting. Can be used at any time widowed hesitate, you can place and hosts happy companions. Sometimes the heart may be a source of pleasure, but do not want to reveal, so it looks like you do not happy. A person's unhappiness can affect the joy of people around, the same can also be infected everyone happy. Just a little bit of luxury that bloom happy to say a few witticisms, laughter that Lang Lang will be sent from someone else in the air and into his ears. Make you more vividly, feel more Jiashu Tan. That wonderful, that the pressure that moment of hesitation None.
So, now I laugh every day, often laughing, Laughing, laughter. Sometimes create happiness. I met someone asked what a good thing, always happy. In actual fact, not only experience a good thing to laugh. Every life can evolve action words derived many happy, happy spread in the air, like the elegant flowers scattered in every corner of endless rolling, everywhere.
Simple and easy life from the happy, happy life will be more confident and self-confidence. As long as know how to have fun with joy, happiness will be closer to you, to love you.
Happy everywhere, if you want to have it.

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