Dorayaki and Doraemon

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Dorayaki is the Doraemon’s favorites, ド ラ is the Japanese "gong" sound, ド ラ え ん も translation of the words written in Chinese characters is "gong wei door." Many people know Dorayaki through watching cartoons, watching Doraemon loves to eat, it is coveted the food, but unfortunately time limited conditions, can not get it. Japanese pronunciation is: dolayaki, 焼 ki gong. It is a Japanese dessert snacks, also has a learn Japanese friends may not notice the small details that Viking name: dora "Amon, and Dorayaki called dora" yaki, is Dora, could this is the author of A Dream intentionally designed like Dorayaki Dora's sake.
With two disc-shaped, similar to the honey cake, pastry wrapped red bean paste, because the shape of the gong together like the two named. For Chinese people, I think we more familiar red bean paste cakes.
Distribution of rich leather gong fried honey aroma, taste soft, delicate skin and creamy stuffing, a wonderful blend of good taste. Whether it is plain red bean flavor, or the passion cream flavor, natural strawberry fruit .how to eat are delicious, with a pearl milk tea or coffee is very good to enjoy; direct consumption of the same well.
Osaka Dorayaki pure hand-made, recipes from the master of Japanese cuisine, to suit the tastes of the Chinese people, in addition to the traditional red bean flavor, but also the development of floss, milk, green beans, blueberries, strawberries, cream and other flavors, fresh and pure The rich taste, the taste is worth careful Viking fans. The production of red bean paste is the most luxurious work Dorayaki, from the time of soaked beans, Zhudou control of the furnace, and finally sugar, should be careful to take care of Caixing. Red bean filling and delicate, sweet and delicious, not greasy cotton honey is the people's favorite. Sweet and sour strawberry jam filling, Qinru mouth taste, the temptation is to give you no stopping; blueberry sauce with the elimination of eye fatigue and prevent aging. Faint aroma of honey crust, wrapped in rich in vitamin C, jams, sweet and sour taste, savor, as if to smell the fragrance of nature.

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