Don’t Neglect Home Health

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Home health not only means that there is no air pollution,  but also there are many areas requiring attention in their daily home life, such as refrigerator, bathroom, Sofa, furniture, air conditioning, home decoration, where the health is good or not, it has a decisive influence and crucial on the overall health of household .

Don’t put raw eggs which are not washed  into the refrigerator

Because the shell and in the process of laying eggs roll in a cage by the sources of pollution consistent with the chicken, may contain salmonella, resulting in food contamination. If you open the refrigerator door when the hands touch the shell, and touch the cut watermelon and other foods, cross contamination is inevitable. Therefore, don’t put raw eggs which are not washed  into the refrigerator.

The bathroom is  where a lot of bacteria exist

The bathroom is  where a lot of bacteria exist, often contaminated with E. coli on the door handles and the pear-shaped insects, and wash basins, taps, etc. will have intestinal or any respiratory bacteria. In the bathroom, people inevitably reach the door handle, wash basin taps. In this case, even though they have washed their hands carefully, open the door, off the water in the process, there will be infected with the bacteria risks.

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