7 strokes-Let your husband love to do housework

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First, imperceptibly, he began to change from the ideology
Good husband is to gradually build, from the outset establish the cultural values of his family, let him know --- good man is to do housework. Such as regular model husband who took him to class a friend's house guest, so he witnessed how much housework men dashing and handsome; they often have to brainwash him, tell him that is now popular type of home a good man; more able to rise to a a highly, tell him "a house does not scan, how can you sweep the world" ... ...
Under the influence of these subtle, and he will definitely do housework as fair share.
Second, incentives and penalties, bound him with fetters
A marriage, or even fall in love will make him understand that his wife used to feel bad, and the favorite, but love my wife will love housework!
Regularly remind him, "You do not love my family love it? What kind of chores to do that too!" Even more peculiar is that in the wedding Presiding over Wedding Ceremony, please ask: "Would you marry her as his wife and assumed housework you? "Hey, would he not say it?
Third, trying to be clever, to break ground "force," he
Men are big kids, cajole pleased him he would be happy to do everything. Such as the weekend he has played a day computer, you can approached according to his shoulder, saying: "good acid spine, right, front of a computer all day can be bad, fast breaks to, Yang upward, stretching his arms. Just to ash table and wipe it on the bookcase. "such a warm and caring, he will not just do it?
Fourth, like a baby lying down, with the man's sense of "order," he
If you have hard working, quietly pack up everything, the man is not seen, let alone appreciate your hard work. Over time your home will become "patent" of the. So sometimes you have to learn to pass on his home. For example: "My husband, I was not feeling well these days, can not touch cold water, a few clothes that you help me to wash you?" You say he has the nerve not to wash it? For the kind of ultra-lazy-class man, but you can use the desperate measure. For example, you took the mop, the results suddenly flashed back, and he hastened to tell you not to rest again and again, you have to worry, said: "That's how the line, a week without delay, and how the have to drag over ... ..." estimates did not wait for you With that, he went to grab the mop.
Fifth, caring, let him realize the benefits of doing housework
If he do the housework when you watch TV only to steal music, so be careful, it is estimated that he no longer willing to do the next time, because he would feel a bit unbalanced. So remember, he was doing housework when you can not idle, ran back and have followed him, care for and asked him: "My husband, you tired, drink some water and wiped sweat!" You're like a small valet-like, followed by chores, he will feel proud of the original is a people thing, do not you call him later to take the initiative and did it.
Sixth, the more you boast, the more proud of him, the more pleasure will be dry.
Praise him in the home not only to achieve self-worth caring for him, to worship him. If he is cooking, you have to praise: "My husband, do you really spicy chicken is a must, ah, the delicious than Taoranju more!" If it was cleaning the bathroom, you have to praise the way his great toilet brush masculine.
Seventh, publicity campaign , meets his vanity.
There have been a good husband to do housework is something to be proud of pieces, so you have to seize every opportunity to publicize. Housework is small, it is important to let all know. Etc. Everyone knows he is a good husband would do the housework, a meeting took praised him as a model, you say in such honor and influence, he also personally ruined the glorious image of its own it? Must be dedicated to maintain friends. At that time, you can smiling it!

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